Makalu Trekking

Trip Facts

Duration :

Difficulty Level : 1

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Maximum Altitude :

Very far from everything and in the end a majestic isolated pyramid Makalu

The first part of Makalu’s base camp trek to Tashigaon takes place in the rice paddies and we cross very many villages that are full of activities. Different ethnicities coexist, Rai, Sherpa, and Limbu who offer us their own culture. Then a change of landscape ricefields gives way to dense forests with spring rhododendrons.

Then slowly we will go up the valleys of Arun and Barun. Very watered during the monsoon the Makalu valley Barun is the largest protected valley of Nepal. Birds, flowers, plants, mammals are protected in the reserve.

The latter will lead us to nearly 4800 m at the base camp Hillary Makalu. In good weather, the track can reach Num 4×4 but in case of rain impossible. Above us the huge west ridge of Makalu up to 8463 m. Very wild the high valley of Makalu is inhabited only the good season by peasants and shepherds who live in “Karkha” (sheep for Yaks).


Highlights of the trek

  • A start at 500 m altitude to finish at the foot of Makalu 5000 m
  • Peasant villages with their inhabitants and meetings
  • The rise of the very isolated Barun valley to the Makalu camp
  • Makalu Barun Reserve is the largest protected reserve in Nepal.
  • The real impression of being far from everything
  • The view of the northwest ridge of Makalu

Trip Itinerary

1 arrival Kathmandu 1400 m 5H
2 1 day Kathmandu 1400 m
3 Tumlingtar by plane 800 m 45 minutes Yes Yes
4 Khadbar 1100 m 4H Yes Yes Yes
5 Chichila 1800 m 6H Yes Yes Yes
6 Num 1500 m 5H Yes Yes Yes
7 Sedua 1500 m 6H Yes Yes Yes
8 Tashi Gaon 2000 m 5H Yes Yes Yes
9 Kauma 3300 m 5H Yes Yes Yes
10 Mumbuk 3500 m 5H Yes
11 Nhe Kharka 3100 m 6H Yes
12 Sherson 4500 m 7H Yes
13 Makalu Base Camp 4900 m 5H Yes
14 Rest-visit 4900 m Yes
15 return Nhe Kharka 7H Yes Yes Yes
16 return Mumbuk 5H Yes Yes Yes
17 back Kauma 5H Yes
18 return Sedua 5H Yes Yes Yes
19 Chichila 6H Yes Yes Yes
20 Mane Bhanjyang 5H Yes Yes Yes
21 Tumlingtar-Kathmandu plane
22 1 day in Kathmandu
23 Departure
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