Thapa Peak

Trip Facts

Duration : 19 days

Difficulty Level : 5

Group Size : 2 to 10

Maximum Altitude : 6100 m

The ascent of the Thapa peak or Dhampus peak is done during the Dhaulagiri tour trek. We make this climb in the last days of the trek as we are well acclimated to the altitude.

There is no difficulty climbing Thapa Peak from the Hidden Valley camp. We go up a moraine at the beginning which is not very steep. The slopes are accentuated a little without exceeding the 30 °. Then a small chimney not stiff that with the help of a fixed rope makes it possible to join the final crest. It is not a thin ridge but rather a small plateau that leads to the summit of Thapa. It’s a good day because then we go down on Yak Karkha. But what a view of Nilgiri, the Tilicho. The whole trek is tented because there are no lodges on the course.

Difficulty climbing the Thapa peak

There is no particular technical difficulty for the ascent of Thapa Peak. The slopes do not exceed 30 °. The descent is long. So, on the day of the climb, you have to go back 10 hours.

Personal technical equipment for the ascent of Thapa Peak

In all our tours, you have a free day the day after your arrival in Nepal or the return of your hike. We offer a day of discovery of Kathmandu. Browse Bodhnath, Pashupatinath, Bhaktapur, Patan and the heart of the old city is always a change of scenery and a wonder.

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Trekking Tour of Dhaulagiri and Thapa Peak

  • Duration 19 days
  • Alti max 6100 m
  • Periods April-May and September to November

Trip Itinerary


Thapa Peak duration Alti night  denvi +  deniv-  electricity  phone  lodge  sho p   shower
1 arrival Kathmandu
2 1 day Kathamndu
3 Blessed on a mini bus 7h 850 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Darbang by 4×4 1200 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Mudi 6h 1780 900 630 no no Yes Yes no
6 Bagar 7h 1900 1150 1000 no no Yes Yes no
7 Dobhan 5h 2450 980 400 no no Yes no no
8 Chaur Bag 4h 3000 860 300 no no no no no
9 Italian Camp 3h 3500 630 160 Yes no no no no
10 Acclimatization of the Italian camp
11 Japanese camp 5h 4000 760 240 no no no no no
12 BC Dhaulagiri 5h 4650 770 80 no no no no no
13 Hidden Valley 7h 5150 900 480 no no no no no
14 Thapa peak 6100 night camp side Jomson 9am 4950 1180 960
15 Alu Bari 6h 3800 0 1100 no no no no no
16 Jomsom 2700 50 1200 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
17 Kathmandu plane 30 + 30 mn
18 free day Kathmandu
19 departure

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