RGPD General Regulations on Data Protection

In all the Member States of the European Union the law imposes from May 28, 2018 on the managers of Internet sites to be transparent on the use of the personal data. Khumbu Shangrila has thus updated its General Conditions as well as its compliance with the RGPD .

  • Use the information you have provided us.

We do not communicate your personal data (email address, phone number, registration form, and other information) to anyone.

We do not do internet marketing.

We do not record your phone calls.

  • Cookies

The agency does not use cookies to do statistics or other activities.

Google analytics that we use uses cookies to do its statistics and analysis related to our website.

Same with Facebook if you sign in to your account from the Facebook link at the bottom of our first page of the site.

  • Data outside the European zone

The photocopy of your passport as well as your photo ID are transmitted for the trekking license to TAAN (Trekking Agency Association Nepal).


When you make your transfer to settle your trek, this transfer is made to our bank in Nepal:

Laxi Bank Limited – Sukedhara Kathmandu http://laxmi.laxmibank.com/

  • Shelf life of your data

We keep your data 3 years. This is your email address, registration form and photocopy of your passport. This data is kept on Google’s “Drive” online storage which access is only allowed in Khumbu Shangrila.

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