Weather in Nepal best times for treks and expeditions

In spring

End of March until May good weather conditions with just a few clouds in the afternoon. Warmer temperatures than in autumn and rhododendrons in bloom. For high-altitude treks crossing high passes prefer April because early March some passes are still snow-covered.

For the April and May expeditions are months when it is colder than in autumn and are well suited to expeditions.

May is considered the most appropriate month for ascents of Everest, Makau and Kangchenjunga.


It's the monsoon so a lot of rain. In contrast, the Dolpo, Haut Dolpo and Mustang regions are partially sheltered and protected from the monsoon by the Annapurna and especially Dhaulagiri chains. So it's a good time to travel to these less traveled areas, let alone the summer. Few tourists. By cons, access by plane can be delayed or postponed a few days depending on the weather so allow a few days more.

The monsoon usually extends from mid-June to the end of September.


From October to December it's nice weather especially in November, with more brightness for photo enthusiasts but it's colder in altitude. Autumn is also the busiest period in Nepal. The day the temperature evolves towards 10 to 15 or even 20 ° C and the night for altitudes of 3500 to 5000 m between -5 and -15 ° C.

The monsoon normally ends around the end of September.

On the other hand, for some years one notes that the tail of monsoon extends until towards beginning of October. This is not necessarily a problem for treks where there is no access by plane but if access is by plane there can be delays so allow a few days more. Do not hesitate to trekker until mid-December because it is good weather but it is a little colder so equip accordingly.

For shipments on the 8000 m September is a good month. It is still not too cold and the high winds at 8000 m altitude do not arrive until early October. The good period for shipments over 8000 m runs from the end of August until around October the 10th.

Peaks of 7000 m are feasible from September to mid-November.

Peaks of 6000 m are achievable from September to mid-December


From mid-December to the end of February, it's good weather, cold or very cold in altitude. In addition, snow prevents the passage of high passes. By cons it is a good time for treks of low and medium altitude. In addition, there are few tourists. For example, the Langtang trek, the Mustang trek, the trek around Kathmandu, etc., are quite possible.

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