On site in Kathmandu

Upon arrival at Kathmandu airport

We will pick you up at Kathmandu airport and on your return we will accompany you to the airport.

When you arrive leaving the airport we are waiting for you with a sign indicating the name of Khumbu Shangrila agency.

No worries we always found everyone. No worries either if your flight is late we are waiting for you.

Money on site

Do not exchange your money when arriving at the airport the exchange is not interesting.
Change your money in Thamel (the area of ​​your hotel) the official exchange offices are numerous.
You can also in Thamel withdraw money with your credit card there are ATMs for withdrawals.
In Kathmandu the Euro is accepted in the shops, count about 100 - 120 Rupees for 1 Euros. The exchange is indicated in the bureaux de change.
When you trade currencies do not accept tickets torn or punctured.
During the trek, take small rupee denominations that you have changed in Kathmandu (100 and 500 rupee denominations).

Accommodation in Kathmandu

At the hotel in rooms of 2 people in a good hotel. You can have a single room with a small supplement.

Here are the main hotels where we host you:

International Guest House
Nirvana Garden
Manaslu Hotel
Fuji Hotel
You can leave a business at your hotel during the trek and you will pick them up when you return.

Breakfast is included in our services.

For lunch and dinner in Kathmandu you can go to restaurants. The price of a meal is between 4 and 6 euros without the drink. A beer costs around 4 euros.

It is not advisable to drink tap water in Kathmandu. Buy bottles of mineral water (40 rupees or 30 cents).

Jet lag

3h45 in summer and 4h45 in winter. For example at 12 pm in France it is 3:45 pm in Nepal in summer and 4:45 pm in winter.

Video Photo

You can find everything in Thamel, memory cards, lithium batteries, etc.


You can really find everything in Thamel, French wine, Coke, Swiss chocolate, Compeed, Evian water, racing food, etc.

So no need to bring anything from France that will lighten your bag in the hold.

There are many supermarkets close to your hotel.

It is better to buy in supermarkets because the prices are indicated which is not the case in the shops of Thamel.

Mobile Internet

Your hotel is equipped with wifi, however the rates are not the ones you are used to, but it improves. A little advice log in the morning before 9am to have more speed.

To call the simplest is to buy either directly at the airport or in Kathmandu a SIM card from a local operator. The most efficient operator for trekking areas is "Namaste".

You can also before your departure to see with your operator.


The voltage is 230 Volts 50 Hz. Since the beginning of 2017, Nepal's electricity network has improved significantly. There is practically no power cut. In addition, hotels are equipped with generators.

The sockets are standard and compatible with European sockets.

Transportation in Kathmandu

Taxis but you absolutely have to discuss the fare before boarding.

The TukTuk cheap about 15 times cheaper than a taxi on the same course, moreover, very nice and They work either with electricity or gas therefore non-polluting. Only downside they are not comfortable

On foot it allows to discover the city. At the hotel you will find maps of Kathmandu. Be careful to cross a road, as you drive to the left in Nepal, you must first look right to cross.

You can also rent an ATV but the priority is neither right nor left is the biggest one who passes then MTB good luck.

Finally in Nepal we drive to the horn. I asked Tashi why we lead to the horn he answered me because if you have a collision the other will tell you "why you have not honked".

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