How to register - Insurance - Visa Passport



1. Please fill in the registration form

2. You pay the deposit of 20% by bank transfer with the information of the RIB that we sent you.

3. You will pay the balance by bank transfer about 6 weeks before your departure.
You can also pay the balance in Euros when you arrive in Kathmandu.

1. Upon receipt of the form we send you an email confirming your participation and a RIB to make the payment of the deposit.

2. Upon receipt of the deposit, we send you an acknowledgment of receipt which confirms your registration. We begin to prepare your trip (reservations for hotel rooms, aircrafts on domestic routes if necessary or taxi and private bus, etc.

3. We will be at Kathmandu airport to get together to your hotel. We will have a sign with your name and our Khumbu Shangrila.


Before you leave, contact your insurer to check that your insurance policy covers Nepal and / or Tibet, as well as repatriation, rescue and helicopter search fees for mountain areas in Nepal and / or Tibet without a restrictive covenant. at the altitude .

Check that hospital charges and medical expenses incurred in Nepal related to an accident and / or illness are covered.

The French Alpine Club, The French Federation of Mountain and Climbing, The Old Camper, Diot Mountain, etc. inquire with them.

Be careful, credit card insurance, linked to certain conditions, does not necessarily cover relief and research. Indicate to your insurance company the dates of your trip.

Do not forget to indicate on the registration form the contact details of your insurer and who to contact in France.

Take trip cancellation insurance with your insurance company . This can be helpful if you have to cancel before you leave or you have to cancel once you arrive in Nepal or trekking.
The program indicated in “day by day” is indicative, it can be modified according to the weather conditions, the state of the ground, the form of the participants, etc. Moreover, the Agency is not responsible for modifications dates or times that may occur on domestic flights in Nepal.

Visa Passport

You must have a valid passport 6 months after the date of your return. A visa is required to return to Nepal. Visa fees are your responsibility (about 25 Euros for 15 days, 40 Euros for 30 days and 100 Euros for 3 months). Bring a photo ID. 3 ways to get your visa:
  • You can take your visa  when arriving at the airport.  At the airport you can pay visa fees in Euros or Dollars or Nepalese Rupees.
All information on passport and visa on the website of  the Embassy of France in Nepal For Tibet you have to take a double entry visa to Nepal. For us to prepare all the administrative part of your trek or expedition before your arrival thank you for emailing us: - a photocopy of the first 2 administrative pages of your passport - a photocopy of your color photo ID We advise you to keep a photocopy of your passport with you.
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