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All information on medical issues especially vaccines (Institut Pasteur).

Acute Malaise of the Mountains (MAM)

We advise you to have a medical examination before your departure in order to have a doctor check your ability to perform a trek or expedition at high altitude.

You can consult the website of the ' IFREMMONT ( I institute F raining and RE seeks By M edical of MONT erm) very useful and interesting.

You will find where to go for a specialized medical check-up to find out about your ability to adapt to altitude before going on trekking or expedition. Consultation tests of altitude effort.

Doctor Delphine Rhem from Grenoble University Hospital " Altitude and extreme ages " .

Altitude advice from 3500 m
The MAM (Mal Aigu des Montagnes) results from a bad adaptation to the lowering of the atmospheric pressure when one goes up in altitude. We must allow the organization time to adapt.

Walking very slowly, you have to "force yourself" to walk slowly, especially not wanting to follow another person. The hen you have found a rhythm that suits you: we must also slow down a bit.
Between 2 consecutive nights approximately 400 - 500 m of height difference above 3500 m.
When you reach the stage, in the afternoon, climb very slowly walk 300 - 400 m above your camp or your lodge and stay about 1 hour at this altitude .. Ride up slowly and sleep low.
Do not make violent or sudden efforts everything must be done slowly.
In the evening before going to sleep, from an altitude of 3500 m, you can take 500 mg of aspirin.
At night, sleep with your upper body slightly elevated.
Have a thermo next to you to drink during the night .
The day eat well, at altitude you have to force yourself to eat and drink a lot. Your urine should be clear. It is necessary to drink before being thirsty .
If it is very cold, drink it warm helps prevent frostbite.
Being 2 per tent or room , this allows his neighbor to "give warning" in case of MAM (Mal Aigu des Montagnes). MAM often occurs at night.
Do not hide your symptoms . There is no shame in slowing down the group.

Thanks to Pascale Dehlinger and Arièle Vincent both doctors for their explanations on the MAM in this little clip. Aid kit You must have your own pharmacy kit. You can print a list of medicines for treks. (see below). Talk to your doctor who will adapt this list to your needs. Also think before you leave to visit your dentist.

Hyperbaric chamber

We are equipped with hyperbaric chambers for treks peaks and expeditions.

If all our boxes are not used by treks peaks or expeditions we can for the treks you rent one at the cost of 350 Euros for 1 month (cost to share by all members of the group).

You can also rent one from the manufacturer: CERTEC .
Verification of the Certec caissons of the Agency.

The Khumbu Shangrila Agency is equipped with 5 Certec hyperbaric chambers.

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