Before you go to Nepal

Fitness training - level

For a trek

In trek we walk slowly to the rhythm of the carriers. Take advantage of this time to take pictures, meet people and admire the scenery.

The more you go slowly the better you will acclimatize to the altitude.

In Nepal the trails are very well drawn and maintained because they are used by all.

Just be healthy and have a good physical condition.

For a trek peak (a trek plus a small summit of less than 6500 m)

For the approach walk trek these are the same tips.

For the ascent of the summit it is also necessary to go slowly.

Before your departure make endurance outings and one or two peaks over 3000 m in the 15 days before your departure if you can or better Mont Blanc.

For an expedition

on a summit of 7000 m.

During the approach walk trek the same tips as before.

During the months before your departure, make endurance trips.

Also be as often as possible in the high mountains and finish during the last 10 days by a race such as crossing the 3 Mont Blanc for example with a night in altitude at the Taste or Cosmiques.

Have already done a trek peak.

on a summit of 8000 m off Everest

Same advice as for a 7000 m and to see already made a summit of 7000 m or a trek peak.

You have to leave well trained "but do not do high intensity training in the weeks before the start of the expedition." says Jean-Paul Richalet Professor of physiology specialist in altitude medicine.

For Everest

Have already made a peak of 8000 m (Cho Oyu, Manaslu, Shishapangma, Gasherbrum ...).

This is mandatory by the Chinese side. The regulation listed China imposes to have reached a peak of 8000 m before attempting the Everest side Tibet.

Whatever your project, a visit to the doctor and the dentist can be helpful.


Check that you are well insured for search, rescue, repatriation and medical expenses for Nepal and Tibet without altitude restrictions.
Take trip cancellation insurance with your insurer. This can be helpful if you have to cancel before you leave or you have to cancel once you arrive in Nepal or trekking.

Check that your passport is valid for another 6 months after your date of departure from Nepal.

For the simplest visa and the cheapest is to take it when arriving at Kathmandu airport or online.
There is no compulsory vaccination for Nepal. However, being up to date with vaccinations is preferable.
Make sure you have sent us a photocopy of your passport and the registration form with the details of your insurance.

Apps and tools that can be useful

If you have online storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) place the pdf of your passport, airline booking, insurance, etc.
Download the Google Translate app . Nepali is taken into account. Only small restriction for Nepali you must write your question for it to be translated. App very useful for communicating.
The FlightAware app gives you real-time information about your flight, boarding gate, delay, etc.
Observe the stars in Nepal is a happiness because there is no pollution in the sky (except in Kathmandu). The sky at night is crystal clear.
The Moments app lets you group all your photos together with your friends at the same place. In the end you have a photo album of your shareable trek between you. No need to exchange photos when arriving in France.

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