Great himalayan Trail

Crossing Khumbu Pass

High Khumbu Pass Trek
At the foot of the giants of the planet 43 days Tesi Lapsa, Nangpa La, Renjo Paas, Chola Pass, Kongma La, Lapsa Amphu, Mera La, Zatrav La are the names of the mythical passes of the Khumbu valley that we will cross during this trip. We will also make small peaks such as Gokyo Peak, Chhukung Ri, Kala Patar to enjoy a view at height and closer to the peaks of 8000 m.

Crossing Manaslu Naar Annapurna Tilicho Dhaulagiri

The great crossing of Manaslu to Dhaulagiri
The hidden valleys 44 days Travel through the Tibetan Manaslu valley, then the Naar and Phu valleys, which offer a trek "to another time", to the mineral route of the ascent to Lake Tilicho, to the snowy peaks of Annapurna and Tilicho to finish crossing the French Pass in the Dhaulagiri Valley. It is also a trek that will make you discover 3 peaks over 8000 m Manaslu, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

Great crossing Dolpo Mustang Naar

Top Dolpo then Mustang and return by Naar
"This trip is a return to basics" 48 days Very few lodges at Haut Dolpo so it is under tents that we sleep. The meals consist mainly of dalbhat. Despite these rustic conditions meetings with nomads, the beauty of the landscapes crossed, the adventure side of this trek and many other things have delighted us. This trek like the ones presented below is trekkings part of the Great Himalaya Trail.

Lake Rara High Dolpo Jomson

Lakes Rara and Haut Dolpo crossed to Jomson
We go to Lake Rara 3010 m. It takes almost 4 hours of climbing to get to the lake which is very blue, huge and wide. We prepare the picnic in a nice secluded corner. In the afternoon we go around the lake before descending very steep towards Gamgadi. Then a change of scenery as it becomes desert and arid but what beauty in isolation.

The Great Nepal Traverse Great Himalayan Trail GHT

Great Himalaya Trail crossing the Himalayan Range of Nepal
Great Himalayan trail or long crossing of the Himalayan range of Nepal by the high road in 120 days. A mythical trail for some, initiation trek for others, with a common point, a trek not on a kind of "unscathed". The Great Himalayan Trail is the ultimate hike of more than 4 months on 1200 km through the diversity of cultures, ethnicities and mountainous regions of Nepal.
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