Cho Oyu Expedition

Cho Oyu Expedition

Cho Oyu Expedition

Trip Facts

Duration : 36 days

Difficulty Level : 5

Group Size : 2 to 12

Maximum Altitude : 8200m

Located just over 10 km from Everest, Cho Oyu is the sixth highest peak on the planet. Its access is through Tibet. We will spend one day of acclimatization in Nyalam then another in Tingri. We will set up 3 altitude camps for the ascent. Then camp 3 at the top is a big slope with some passages at 40 °. Very nice view during the climb on all Tibetan plateaus.

By cons, the Cho Oyu Expedition base camp is a bit high, but it is the only place where there is water close to the camp.

Cho Oyu Expedition Camps

  • Base camp at 5700 m (it’s high – but no other solutions)
  • Camp 1 at 6300m – a flat location with views of the entire route to the summit. Access to the C1 from the CB starts on a moraine little slope and then we reach 6000 m where we reach the C1 by a steeper slope with a good trail when there is no snow. During the first climb to C1 still poorly acclimated we put about 6 hours and then during other climbs once acclimated in 3 hours we arrive at C1.
  • Camp 2 at 7100 m – from C1 we follow the obvious snow ridge, we pass first ice full then the slope softens until C2 – but the altitude is felt. The location of C2 is limited after a heavy snowfall.
  • Camp 3 at 7400 m – some groups do not do C3. Little room at camp 3.
  • Summit 8200 m

Technical level – the prerequisite

  • Have experience on a summit of more than 6000 m
  • Have a very good physical condition
  • Have a practice of mountaineering, be able to cling to the ascent or descent on slopes of 35 ° to 45 °, know to use a jumar, a chute, etc.
  • Being autonomous in high altitude camps, making water, eating, etc.
  • Finally, to know how to live as a team in an environment that is not always easy.


  • Duration 36 days
  • Periods: April May and
  • September-early October

Trip Itinerary

Days 1 and 3 Kathmandu and departure by bus. Direction the Chinese border.
Days 4 and 5 Nyalam at 3800 m where we will do 1 day of acclimatization.
Days 6 and 8 Direction in 4X4 in Tingri (acclimatization 1 day) and the Chinese base camp at 5000 m and a day of acclimatization.
Days 9 Climb on foot and with yaks to Cho Oyu Base Camp at 5700 m.
Day 10 to 32 Ascension
Day 33 to 36 Return Kathmandu.

Service Includes

  • 4 nights in Kathmandu hotel with breakfast
  • 1 cook and his help
  • 1 altitude Sherpa with equipment for 2 clients and 1 Sirdar who is one of the altitude Sherpas
  • Hyper bar box
  • A satellite phone
  • Bus and 4X4 between Kathmandu and CB Chinese A / R and Kathmandu
  • The transport of loads in the CB
  • The food at base camp and in high altitude camps
  • Solar panels for base camp
  • The tents of the base camp and the camps of altitude
  • Insurance for the Nepalese team
  • Hotel-airport transportation
  • The royalties of the summit, Permit of ascension, Chinese license including for the local team
  • The Liaison Officer and his equipment
  • End of the trip meal taken together in Kathmandu

Service Excludes

  • Personal insurance Repatriation assistance
  • Your mountain gear (harness, crampons, sleeping bags, etc.) Race food
  • Bonus summit for Sherpas (left at your initiative)
  • Airport and Visa Fees (Nepal – China)
  • Telephone, walkie-talkie, alcoholic drinks and soda
  • The plane A / R Paris
  • meals lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • the double entry visa
  • oxygen
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